Answered By: Sally Waters
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Our Digital Archives is a large, and always growing, collection showing photos and memorabilia from different aspects of the Law School, its history, and the school location. It has material from the life of Dean Harold L. Sebring; interesting depictions of the school buildings as part of the Rolyat Hotel and, later, the Florida Military Academy; photos from the law school's history, including many graduation group photos; and photos of the many plaques on campus. 

Clicking on the "Digital Archives" tab on the Library's home page will bring you here , to the homepage for the Archives. Here you can pick which collection you'd like to explore; clicking the link for the collection in the page's "Access" box will take you to the photos. 

For each photo, you'll see a thumbnail image and some information; by clicking on the thumbnail, you can find more information. You can also click then on the link to "high-resolution image"; when you bring that image up, you can zoom in for a very clear close-up view of the image. 

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